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a love for italy. mad respect for nyc.

Pizza. A word that evokes all kinds of happy and salivary emotions. For some it's a reminder of childhood. For others it is a reminder of a place or a feeling. History tells us that pizza has been around for a long, long time. Italians created it as the first street food for the working class, but soon it made its way to the top. Royalty fell in love, hence the world famous, pizza Margherita. When Italians immigrated to NYC and introduced it to America, pizza quickly spread to become a beloved regional treasure. Now, we do not think any style is better than another, EVERY pizza has a place in our belly. But, for us, our favorite way to make and eat pizza is by following the best in Italian standards while maintaining an NY state of mind. What does that mean for you? Well, simple. A marriage made in pizza heaven. 

a few things you should know.

Our 12" pizzas are not quite Neapolitan, not quite NY style, but somewhere perfectly in between. Our dough is house made daily, hand stretched and topped with only the best. We cook our pizzas to a bubbly perfection in our 100% wood fueled Italian oven. Thin in the middle with an airy charred crust that has chew. We use local and organic whenever possible, and we promise to keep gmo’s out of our kitchen and off your plate.

3 days

12 inches


90 seconds

texas oak

the amount of time it takes to make our dough.

the average size of our wood fired pizzas.

the ideal temperature of our wood fired oven.

how long it takes to cook one of our pizzas.

the only fuel source in our wood fired oven.

*Please note that our pizzas are cooked in a 100% wood fueled oven that gets up to 1000 degrees during peak hours. You will see charring on every pizza. Black bubbles on top and on bottom are part of the beauty of authentic wood fired cooking and bring a smoky, caramelized flavor to each pie. If you are not into to this type of charring, you can ask us to fire your pizza light. Keep in mind that we cannot eliminate the "black" appearance, but we can fire it for less time.

what we bring to the table.

We're proud of the products that make our offerings so delicious. From the tomatoes that are the base of our pizzas, to the meats and cheeses sitting pretty on our salads, we insist on purchasing only the best. No funny business like gmo's, dyes, etc. Click below to see a list of the fine companies that help us shine.

what does it all mean?

POMODORO = hand crushed organic Bianco di Napoli tomato sauce with basil, garlic and sea salt

RED SAUCE = a heavier, marinara like tomato sauce with basil, garlic & extra virgin olive oil

FIOR = fior di latte or "flower of the milk" is fresh mozzarella in brine

MOZZ = a shorter way to spell mozzarella

HOT COPPA = slow aged, air dried spicy capocollo ham

SOPPRESATA = dry cured, naturally aged Italian salame

SPIANATA CALABRESEdry cured, naturally aged SPICY salame made exclusively in Calabria, Italy

MIKE'S HOT HONEY = a chile infused honey made in Brooklyn, NY that'll blow your mind

EVOO = extra virgin olive oil (ours is made by CORTO®)

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