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*We make it rain a fine shred of post oven Pecorino Romano over every pizza (except vegan) unless you request otherwise.

pizza rosa

MARGHERITA – Pomodoro, fior, mozz, evoo, basil | $14

CHEESE – Red sauce, mozz | $11

PEPPERONI – Red sauce, fior, mozz, pepperoni | $15

BEE STING - Pomodoro, fior, soppressata, Mike's Hot Honey, chile flake, basil | $16

THE OG - Red sauce, mozz, pepperoni, Keller's Farms Italian sausage, mushroom, Kalamata olives | $19

BROOKLYN BASEMENT – Pomodoro, fior, pepperoni, pickled sweet jalapeño, Mike's Hot Honey, basil | $18

VEGGIE – Red sauce, mozz, spinach, mushrooms, Kalamata olives, red pepper, feta, red onion, artichoke | $16

DAY DRINKER – Pomodoro, fior, mozz, soppressata, hot coppa, house meatballs, red onion, basil | $20

LOBO – Red sauce, fior, mozz, pepperoni, mushroom, green chile | $17

PORKY PINE - Pomodoro, mozz, capicola, pineapple, pepperoni, pickled sweet jalapeños | $18

VEGAN – Just like the veggie, with NO CHEESE, finished with evoo & basil | $14 *no pec shred on this pizza

pizza bianca


CACIO E PEPE – Fior, mozz, pecorino crema, cracked black pepper, evoo, basil | $16

ARTICHOKES ON PARADE – Fior, mozz, lemon crema, artichoke, feta, capers, ciabatta dust, basil, evoo| $18

NM WHITE – Garlic crema, fior, mozz, hot green chile, oven roasted chicken and garlic, feta, basil | $17

SPINACI – Spinach, mozz, roasted garlic, red pepper, goat cheese, toasted pine nuts | $16

TRUFFLE SHUFFLE – Roasted garlic, mozz, mushrooms, whipped ricotta, fresh rosemary, feta, truffle oil, basil | $18

PESTO – Pine nut pesto, fior, mozz, red pepper, oven roasted chicken, chile flake | $16

premium toppings


Red Sauce | Pomodoro | Garlic Crema | Pesto



Pepperoni | Sausage | Soppressata | Hot Coppa Ham | House Meatballs |Oven Roasted Chicken


Fior di Latte | Mozz | Ricotta | Feta | Goat Cheese


Spinach | Red Onion | Mushroom | Hot Green Chile | Roasted Red Pepper | Pineapple | Capers | Roasted Garlic

Kalamata Olives | Basil

*our gluten free crust is egg and dairy free

**pricing varies to modify toppings - see prices online, or ask for details when ordering.




Mike's Hot Honey | Truffle Oil | House Balsamic Glaze  | EVOO


Creamy Pesto | Truffle Ranch

next level extras

Center Ball of Buratta | Post Oven Arugula | Everything Spice Crust | Post Oven Proscuitto

*pricing varies on extras & next level extras - see prices online, or ask for details when ordering.


CARNIVORO - Pomodoro, mozz, fior, ricotta, hot coppa, meatballs, soppressata, pepperoni, basil | $19

BIANCOVERDE - Roasted garlic, mozz, fior, spinach, lemon crema, artichoke, goat cheese, evoo, basil | $17

SALSICCIA - Fior, mozz, hot Italian sausage, mushroom, red pepper, ricotta, balsamic glaze, basil | $18

*calzones are cut into six pieces and are served with a side of our creamy pesto dipping sauce - request an uncut calzone if you prefer


HOUSE - Grean leaf, sweet tomato, cucumber, shredded pecorino Romano, house vinaigrette | $11

ROASTED BEET - Mixed greens, beets, goat cheese, walnut bits, sour cherries, dill vinaigrette | $13

CHOP - Green leaf, red pepper, Kalamata olives, artichoke, gorgonzola, soppressata, chick peas, pine

nuts, balsamic vinaigrette | $16

GORGONZOLA - Mixed greens, gorgonzola, dried cranberry, scallions, walnut bits, green apple balsamic | $13

LITTLE ITALY - Arugula, sweet tomato, artichoke, Italian mixed olives, soppressata, proscuitto, burrata ball, sea salt,

cracked black pepper, fig balsamic | $17


Lavender Lemonade - Organic lavender with fresh lemon juice lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar | $3.95

Basil Mint Iced Tea - Black tea infused with organic basil and mint lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar | $3.75

Hibiscus Iced Tea Latte - Hibiscus and coconut milk infusion lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar | $4.25

yes! we have

vegan options

yes! we have

gluten free crust

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build your own pizza

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