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a passion for pizza.

Well, first thing's first. Why the name Hawt?

HAWT is an acronym for "Have A Wonderful Time"

This is always our goal.

HAWT It is also an adjective for sexy or attractive (pronounced HOT). We've been told that our pizza is pretty darn sexy, and we agree.

And then there's our oven...

Ideal at about 850+ degrees, it is definitely HAWT!

Now that we've cleared that up, here's the story...


My pizza journey started many years ago on a bbq grill in my backyard. I have always loved to cook, and hosting food based gatherings for my friends and family came very natural for me. While experimenting with new grilling ideas, I discovered how to make artisan pizza on my little Weber portable, and life was never the same. Friends and family were so impressed with the unique experience and delicious pizza, they encouraged me to share the love. The seed was planted and some years later I began a little wood fired catering company proudly serving my delicious pizza offerings at weddings, anniversaries and other humble gatherings. Finally, I partnered up with a fellow pizza connoisseur named Seth Beckley, and we decided to take this pizza thing to the next level. In 2019 we were invited to be a part of the historic, first of its kind artisan food hall in New Mexico, the Sawmill Market ABQ, and here we are!


Wood fired pizza is our passion, and sharing it with you is our number one goal. Our journey started with our rolling masterpiece and continues with the addition of our stationary wood fired beauty in the Sawmill Market ABQ. We can't wait to fire them up, gather safely and make delicious pizza memories together!

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