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exactly what is non gmo?

Well, to us, NON GMO means that we serve our guests food the way we eat it, as clean as we can get it. We go the extra mile to ensure that we source ingredients for our food that is free from genetically modified organisms. We take special care to ensure that the ingredients we use are natural, not grown or fed GMO's, minimally processed, and are dye and additive free. What does this mean for you? Better taste, better digestion and overall a better value. It is true that NON GMO foods cost more to produce, but we feel that the extra costs far outweigh the benefits of eating clean, especially when it comes to pizza. Click here to learn more about GMO facts.

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what items on our menu make the difference?

We are proud to bring you items that are made with love from our kitchen. Here is a list of the items we make in house, using only the highest quality NON GMO ingredients possible:

Our dough - we start with NON GMO flour that is unbleached and unbromated. We make our dough in house daily. Hand balled, hand stretched. It's the only way we roll.

Our red sauces - we use only the best steam peeled US grown organic San Marzano style tomatoes on the market.

Our chicken - local, organic, NON GMO. We cook it in our wood fired oven and add our own spices.

Our meatballs - made in our wood fired oven using only the best local ingredients. We roll our meatballs weekly (by hand) using local NM dry aged beef and pork from Dr. Fieldgood's, our own spices and a ton of love.

Our salad dressings - all made in house using only the highest quality NON GMO project oils, vinegars and fresh organic herbs. We do not use seed oils for our salad dressings.

Our signature drinks - we make our tea kits in house using the highest quality organic herbs and organic, NON GMO project evaporated cane sugar.

its not just about the food

Our commitment to being a NON GMO kitchen extends to the paper goods we use to responsibly deliver our food to your belly. We are proud to use paper products that are eco friendly. Again, these products have a higher cost than most to produce, however we feel the benefits to mama earth and in turn to the quality of our lives is worth the extra cost.

Here are some of the eco friendly paper products we use to ensure our footprint stays small...

Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 3.28.45 PM.png

A variety of our paper goods are made from sustainable forests, are unbleached, are biodegradable.

Eco Gecko Fork.jpg

Our birch ware forks and knives are uncoated and made of wood from sustainable forests. They also degrade in about 80 days compared to plastic disposable cutlery which takes about 1000 years to break down in the ground. The cost is higher, but the positive impact on the earth is far greater in our opinion. 

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Our BPA free greenware cup is compostable and because it is made of corn oil, it will degrade naturally and fast.

please make an effort to effect your footprint and ensure

our  kiddos enjoy a beautiful planet.

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