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a passion for pizza.

Well, first thing's first. Why the name Hawt?

HAWT is an acronym for "Have A Wonderful Time"

This is always our goal for our crew and our guests.

HAWT It is also an adjective for sexy or attractive.

We've been told that our pizza is pretty darn sexy and we agree.

And, our oven.

It is definitely HAWT!

Now that we've cleared that up, here's the story...


Our pizza story started many years ago, first with a college gig and then on a bbq grill in a backyard...

While attending college at UNM back in the eighties, co-founder Seth Beckley was not only hitting the books, he was studying the art of pizza making at Albuquerque's favorite pizzeria, Nunzios. 


I have always loved to cook, and hosting food based gatherings for my friends and family came very natural for me. While experimenting with new grilling ideas, I discovered how to make artisan pizza on my little Weber portable, and life was never the same. Friends and family were so impressed with the unique experience and delicious pizza, they encouraged me to share the love. In 2011, I began my wood fired pizza journey.

Wood fired pizza is my passion, and sharing it with you is my number one goal. My new journey begins with a Hawt little oven and a dream. For now, I will continue to cater, and later, when the perfect spot comes along, I will open a place where we can make wonderful memories and share delicious food together.

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